My name is Cristian (You can call me "Cris"), father and husband. Im a web developer from Colombia. I have 5+ years' experience doing cool stuff. Above and beyond that, let me show you what I do.

what I do.

I'm a experimented developer with deep knowledge on web. Right now I work as Lead developer at Cabi, An international fashion company from the USA. There I work with a big team around the world doing enterprise software. Before that, I was working with startups, agencies and software companies from Colombia and USA.

Development and Architecture are the things I love to do, TRUST ME… I REALLY LOVE IT.

I also designed this website.



I'm in love with programming, This is a short list of my knowledge

  • JavaScript

    Advanced knowledge in vanillaJS, also I work with Angular, React, Ember and Backbone.

  • PHP

    Good understanding of OOP, Design Patterns, and experience with different frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Yii and Slim.

  • Java

    With 1 year working for enterprise applications.

  • Mysql

    Performance, good schema design and normalization are the things I have in mind each time I use this SQL engine.

  • CSS, SASS and LESS

    I love design, that's why a love make things beautiful ;)

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